About Us

About Us

We are a young independent business development group with an impressive list of clients. 

ZDT aims the leadership in high technology product marketing & business development with high level of quality, proud to offer safe, reliable, friendly and affordable services to each customer’s needs in the aviation sector.

We have a dedicated team of specialists in Turkey who provide the niche expertise and committed 24/7 for overall customer satisfaction. Our Group’s vision is to work closely with innovative partners and lead the cooperative innovation on a win-win basis…

At ZDT, we combine our experience in the engineering, development and consultancy to provide professional assistance in the fields of;

  • Aviation Consultancy in civil aviation projects
  • Engineering & consultancy in defense and aerospace projects
  • Aircraft Sales
  • Aircraft Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul
  • Aviation Engineering in Aircraft Hangar Constructions

Our priority is to create safe and secure environment in the world by strengthening the aerospace and defense industries of the Nation. Loyalty and Reliability; these are the non-flexible principles of our business ideology.


We are acting in the aviation and defense industries for almost 15 years with the ability to operate under pressure & in a high stress environment. We design the tailor made aviation solutions… And now we are more active in defense protection systems including UAV/Anti-UAV technologies & Border Surveillance systems.


Organizational Mission

To provide high quality services and product development with effective marketing in both Civil & Military Aviation industries as the leader of the sector


Zafer L. Dağtekin


ZDT was founded in 27 Jan 2001 in Istanbul Turkey by Zafer L. Dağtekin. The company HQ is in Ankara. Mr. Dagtekin has been acting in the aviation industry for many years (he is also a retired fighter Jet pilot from Turkish Air force and worked as a Captain in various airlines previously) and our team in this project under his leadership has a valuable expertise and deep background in the aviation industry and civil aviation operations.  

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