Aviation Engineering in Aircraft Hangar Constructions

“Every Hangar Construction Project Starts With the Hangar Door”

The choice of hangar door structure will be the main indicator in the beginning which will directly effect the price and efficiency of the hangar. To give the right decision let us listen to you and get your expectations about your Project and the aircraft you wish to store.

We are very much transparent in the budgetary information and engineering. You will find every kind of information before talking with architects, engineers. Our process meets the rigorous safety standards of hangar construction

We know the way to establish the Aircraft hangars in the safest conditions. Our safety record will prove our excellence mentality reflects and total dedication to the safety.

Our project managers are 24/7 ready to offer insightful advice and competitive pricing for economic hangar solutions for you.

We already delivered most complex aircraft hangars across the region, including mission-critical facilities like Afghanistan as well as maintenance hangars for both Military Industry and the private sector.