Business Development Projects

By combining our market intelligence, customer feedbacks, previous workshops, tailored processes and our extensive aviation knowledge with market experience, ZDT provides strategic business development & marketing plans for the clients acting or willing to act in the Aviation/Defence industries. Whether you are getting prepared to enter a new field or aiming to rise in your own industry or focusing on to build powerful relationships with clients and potential customers, ZDT will assist you from the beginning till you win.

ZDT Team is very much experienced to prepare High Tech Product Marketing strategies in aeronautical and Aviation related fields which are proposing measurable and profitable commercial results.

ZDT assists its customers by designing transformation strategies in scope of the Aviation Consultancy with new ideas that promises totally new services which will soon return back as a competitive advantage to the clients.

Our Project management strategy is divided into 2 parts.

Stage-1: SWOT analysis and a research for an effective innovative solution to carry the client head of the competition.

Stage-2: Developing the Master Plan Strategies: “better quality – more qualify”

Our target is to set up the turn-key solutions in accordance with the client’s specific needs on a timely manner.

Our solution partners comes from airline & airport companies, handling agencies, defence institutions, research organizations, universities  and scenario planning agencies.