Zafer L. Dağtekin

Zafer L. Dağtekin


ZDT was founded in 27 Jan 2001 in Istanbul Turkey by Zafer L. Dağtekin. The company HQ is in Ankara.

Mr. Dagtekin has been acting in the aviation industry for many years (he is also a retired fighter Jet pilot from Turkish Air force and worked as a Captain in various airlines previously) and our team in this project under his leadership has a valuable expertise and deep background in the aviation industry and civil aviation operations.

He is also the founder and the shareholder of Asal Aeronautics ( which is one of the most advanced MRO in Turkey & Middle East located in Isparta. Currently, all maintenance activities of the Air Ambulance helicopters (working under the agreement of Ministry of Health) are being done in Asal Aeronautics (totally 19 helicopters).

ASAL is making aircraft paintings and C-check maintenance of various airline companies in Turkey such as Turkish Airlines, Atlas Global, Sun Express, Nordwind Airlines etc. Additionally, Cessna Citation 560 line and base maintenance authorization was gathered..

All current licenses and capabilities takes place on